Saturday, December 22, 2012

How It All Began

Hello Lovelies :) nice to meet you here! I'm so excited to tell you the story how I began to crochet. 
So....long-long ago....when I was a child my Mom showed me how to crochet and to knit :) But I didn't like it then. Since then much time has passed! One winter day I woke up and saw a lovely knitted sweater in a magazine. And so I khew I wanted to have that sweater :)  The same day I went to the yarn store and bought everything for knitting. I was very happy that day. 
But really addicted to crocheting and knitting I became before my pregnancy! I wanted to crochet a cozy colourful blanket :) Here are some pictures of me and my hubby waiting Eva :))) and THE BLANKET :) My first great project. 

Love this picture SO much! 

Lovely booties for Eva :)

Booties, cushion and the blanket.

This is my fave pic of three us 

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