Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bavarian Pattern Or Yarn Eater

Well my lovely is the post about a beautiful and unusual pattern. And I should say it's a rare one! It is called Bavarian or there is one more name "yarn eater". It was my Mommy who wanted to try this pattern first! So I had to find out what pattern it was and how it should be crocheted. I didn't find a good pattern in the internet so I draw my own. 
Here is my first experience in Bavarian crocheting :)) and I succeeded I believe :) It was a cushion cover for my lovely friend I began crocheting. So here are some pictures from my Instagram
I took these colours because my friend loves them and they go with her room perfectly!

 This going to be a cushion cover for me :)

Two sides of my future pillowcase.

 This blanket is already finished. My lovely Mommy crocheted it :)

This is the second blanket! My Mommy is crazy crocheter )) couldn't stop crocheting this pattern and the colours.

A pic for your inspiration from my Instagram :)

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