Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Cushions

I already wrote about these two Christmassy cushions some time ago. This was an order, but the customer disappeared and I decided to leave them. And I've already finished the Bavarian one! They don't go well with each other but I like them all :) 

 Here comes my new home inhabitant - Tilda Deer. I sewed HIM by myself without sewing machine and knitted a sweater of my fave color. So the deer is totally handmade :)

You'll find patterns I used for crocheting my pillowcases and some more inspirational pictures below

Wrapping presents: a small how-to

Hi everyone! Haven't posted lately much but now have a little time to show you how you can wrap and decorate your gifts for your friends and relatives. 
You'll need:
1. doilies
2. glue gun
3. your imagination and a cup of coffee :)